Tadekinig alfa (IL-18BP)

Tadekinig alfa is a recombinant Interleukin-18 Binding Protein (r-hIL-18BP) with a high affinity for IL-18, a major inflammatory cytokine. In healthy people, there is a large excess of naturally occurring IL-18BP keeping levels of free IL-18 low. However, in patients with certain inflammatory diseases, the IL-18/IL-18BP balance is disrupted, resulting in high levels of free and active IL-18, which in turn leads to pathological inflammation. Administration of AB2 Bio’s exogenous recombinant human IL-18BP restores the IL-18/IL-18BP balance, removing free IL-18 and thereby reducing inflammation.

Proprietary Assay

AB2 Bio has developed the first and only proprietary assay detecting free IL-18 allowing the identification of clinical entities that are driven by free IL-18.